Warehouse Racking Specialist

Business: Warehouse Racking Specialist

Address: Level 1, 269a High Street, Ashburton Vic 3147

Phone: (03) 9885 3712

Business Description: Specialist Engineer: Professional Services

Email: ian@rackingengineer.com.au

Website: http://www.ijhewettengineer.com.au

Keeping your Racking in good working order is essential for safe operation & a long life. A safety audit is a good way to keep your racking safe. Ian Hewett carries out Safety and Compliance Inspections of all types of warehouse racking.DO YOU HAVE MULTIPLE TYPES OF RACK IN YOUR WAREHOUSE? I CAN AUDIT & RATE ALL RACKS IN ONE SITE VISIT!! I have over 13 years of experience in the warehousing and racking industry. I load rate Cantilever and all types of fabricated racking. I am an independent engineer who is not aligned with any rack manufacturer so my reports focus on Safety - not selling replacement components. I conduct Engineering reports on Racking including Wind Action & Seismic calculations. I design Warehouse layouts, including Pedestrian and vehicle traffic areas, Raised Storage Areas, full warehouse relocations and reconfigurations. SPACE IS AT A PREMIUM - USE IT EFFICIENTLY - CALL IN THE SPECIALIST. LET ME HELP YOU WITH YOUR STORAGE ISSUES.