Resonance Complementary Health Therapies

Business: Resonance Complementary Health Therapies

Address: 231B High Street, Ashburton Vic 3147. Enter via Marquis Street

Phone: (03) 9885 5964

Business Description: Alternative Health | Naturopathy | Acupuncture



Chris Gebhardt and Natalie Cruttenden both graduated from their naturopathic studies in 1995 and have worked together since that time. They share a deep commitment to holistic medicine and continue to advance their practice by regular attendance to cutting edge nutritional and naturopathic conferences. They are fully committed to each patient who attends their practice and strive to deliver the highest quality individualised health care. Chris Gebhardt is a registered acupuncturist and naturopath. Since graduating as a naturopath in 1995 Chris has gone on to practice and study extensively including an undergraduate degree in acupuncture and post graduate studies in Japanese acupuncture, Emmett Technique and an internship at the Guang Xi TCM Hospital in China. Chris delivers a unique style of physical therapy that offers quick and lasting relief to a broad range of musculoskeletal issues. He also works closely with Natalie in the care of patients with fertility issues. Chris is also highly sought after as a practitioner for those suffering from chronic and complex digestive disorders. Natalie Cruttenden is a naturopath with over 18 years’ clinical experience. Natalie has worked as a registered nurse, specifically in women’s health, and her work at the Royal Women’s Hospital included gynaecology, reproductive services and IVF. She is also a qualified Female Reproductive Health Nurse. Natalie also has a clinical focus on Sports Nutrition and weight management. She has been involved in the sport of CrossFit for the past 4 years and regularly presents talks on Paleo Nutrition to CrossFit gyms throughout the State.