Milk Cloud Cafe

Business: Milk Cloud Cafe

Address: 283 High Street, Ashburton 3147

Phone: (03) 9885 1917

Business Description: Cafe


Milk Cloud is a lively, inviting, family friendly Café providing consistently great food. A Milk Cloud Hot Chocolate is ‘to die for’- six carefully blended beans that provide a unique, full bodied, sweet yet well rounded dark chocolate flavour. The coffee is made from the very best 100% Arabica beans. Jimmy the Barista has been serving to Ashburton regulars for many years and they keep on coming back for more. Tempting sweet treats are all house baked, gluten free offerings are exciting and there is always something new and interesting to appeal to all palates. Milk Cloud offers something for everyone and owners Georgina and Paul especially love catering to children and their families.