Core Wisdom

Business: Core Wisdom

Address: 1 Welfare Parade Ashburton Vic 3147

Phone: 0437348808

Business Description: Alternative Therapies | Spiritual Guide |Personal Growth Mentor



Mandy Agnew PhD is an experienced educator, healer and therapist who has the gift of inspiring and supporting effective change in others. With over 20 years of deep passion for the pursuit of knowledge and wisdom to effect personal development and healing, Mandy supports her clients in achieving optimum health, wellness and a vitality for life, by empowering them to heal themselves.

Mandy specialises in helping people create Inner Peace. From a sense of Inner Peace anything is possible; great health, harmonious relationships, financial abundance etc. Her approach is unique because she has a strong science background and a love for all aspects of psychology & metaphysical work as well. This approach means she can bridge the gap between these approaches to healing.

Mandy explains "When you come and work with me I work very holistically. We start with the physical body, for example determining what nutritional supplements or movement exercises may be required. We work together to explore your mind and belief patterns, perhaps identifying and releasing negativity beliefs and self talk. We combine this work with emotional and energy balancing as required. I truly believe in this integrated and holistic approach. We all know that you don’t build a house with just a hammer, so why would you approach your wellbeing with a single tool."

The business name is Core Wisdom. It represents getting to the ‘core of the issue’, while coming back to the ‘core of who we are’ – that very peaceful, grateful and loving you.

Mandy works within the Ashburton Health Hub. Monday – Saturday, from 9.30am. Evening apts. available.