Brumby’s Bakery

Business: Brumby’s Bakery

Address: 247 High Street, Ashburton Vic 3147

Phone: (03) 9886 0404

Business Description: Bakery: Fresh food


Brumby’s first opened in Ashburton in 1975 (known then as "Old Style Bread Centre"). During the '80s, it was believed that the brand would be stronger with a "truly Australian" identity - so the Brumby's brand was born. We now humbly consist of more than 280 stores across Australia and New Zealand, making your access to preservative free, freshly baked bread easier every day. Brumby’s is 100% committed to bringing you freshly baked bread made from scratch every single day using only the best ingredients, like 100% Aussie wheat fresh from the farm. Add to that our delicious array of sweets and hot savoury products, and we have got all your bakery needs covered. Brumby’s are home grown for healthy homes!