Ashburton Bendigo Bank Branch

Business: Ashburton Bendigo Bank Branch

Address: 241 High Street, Ashburton Vic 3147

Phone: (03) 9885 2666

Business Description: Bank



Ashburton Community Bank® branch of Bendigo Bank provides our local community with more than just quality banking services – it delivers employment opportunities for local people, keeps local capital in the community, is a local investment option for shareholders and provides a source of revenue for important community projects determined by the local community. Our Bank believes successful customers and successful communities create a successful bank – in that order. As we work to provide banking products and services for our customers, we consider the bigger picture. We think about what we can do beyond banking to help our customers and strengthen the communities they live in. We've created a number of unique partnerships and services which enable us to do this. To find out more visit: Community banking Our branches Community snapshots Socially responsible products Not-for-profit banking Community campaigns & programs Fundraising & grant management Scholarships Sustainability guide First and foremost, we're a good bank. But it's the time and effort our Bank spends innovating in the community that makes us unique and sets us apart. It's why so many people choose to bank with us.